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Three Fun Ways To Travel Between Wineries On A Day Of Touring

If you're developing plans for a wine tour with a group of friends, it's worthwhile to think about how many wineries you can visit over the course of the day. While some wineries offer extensive tours, it can be fun to take shorter tours at multiple wineries to not only sample a wide range of beverages but also enjoy different finger foods and a variety of beautiful settings. As you plot out your day, you'll need to consider transportation. Given the wine that you'll be consuming, you don't want to drive yourselves. Instead, think about some fun ways to get around, including these options:

Luxury Transportation

Luxury transportation is a popular option for people who are organizing wine tours with several different stops. A local transportation service can offer you a wide range of vehicles to suit the needs of your group. A limo is a traditional way of getting around, but you might also consider an SUV limo for something a little roomier. If your group is large, a luxury charter bus can be the perfect method of transportation. For a small group of perhaps just you and two friends, you might even be able to find a transportation service that has classic or sports cars in its fleet.

Horse And Buggy

Depending on the distance between the wineries and the types of roads that you'll be traveling, a fun way to get around is with a horse and buggy. This method transportation is particularly effective if you'll be visiting wineries in a rural setting and you can get between them on back roads that are conducive to this type of travel. It's fun to get dressed up for your wine tours, sample fancy wines and finger foods, and ride in style in a buggy skillfully controlled by a trained driver.

Water Vessel

A creative way to travel between your chosen wineries, if the right conditions are present, is by boat. Many wineries are positioned along rivers and lakes, and often have docks to cater to people who wish to arrive over the water instead of by car. If you can hire a boat and a captain for the day, it can be highly appealing to pull up to your first winery, spend some time there enjoying the experience, and then head back down to the dock, board your boat, and cruise over to the next winery on your itinerary.

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