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Surprise Your Immediate Family And Distant Relatives With A Luxury Vacation In Greece

If you are going to treat your spouse and children to a luxury vacation in Greece during the holidays and plan to meet some of your extended family members who live there while on the trip, use the tips below to surprise your immediate family and distant relatives by following the suggestions below. 

Break The News Over A Greek Feast

Meet with a travel agent to make plans for the upcoming trip. Purchase first-class airline tickets, make hotel reservations at a popular resort, and secure a rental car. After obtaining your itinerary and tickets for the impending flight, prepare a Greek feast to share with your spouse and children. In Greece, Mediterranean cuisine is a favorite. Incorporate fresh fish, olive oil, and vegetables into the menu that will be served. During the meal, discuss your Greek heritage and your family members who live in Greece.

While you have your spouse's and children's attention, place the itinerary and airline tickets in the center of the table where the dinner is being enjoyed. Announce to your family that you have decided to treat them to a luxurious getaway in the near future and provide them with additional details concerning the trip that you are planning.

Contact Your Relatives And Inquire About Their Holiday Plans

Do not reveal to your relatives that you and your family plan on traveling to Greece. Instead, contact them via telephone and tell them that you love and miss them. Inquire about their holiday plans so that you will be aware of the location each person will be at when you are due to arrive in Greece. For example, if an uncle or aunt is preparing a Christmas feast and plans on inviting others to their home over the holidays, take note of this information so that you and your immediate family can surprise them after you have settled into your hotel.

Purchase Gifts And Ship Them Prior To Your Arrival

Purchase some small gifts while still in the United States. Contact the resort where you will be staying and ask the hotel manager if it would be alright for you to ship boxes that contain the gifts prior to your arrival. If so, a hotel clerk can place the boxes in a closet or on a shelf inside of the resort and can give you the boxes when you and your family arrive at the resort.

After you and your family arrive in Greece, check into your rental room, retrieve the boxes that are filled with gifts, and pick up your rental car. Head to the house of the person who will be hosting Christmas dinner for your other extended family members so that you, your spouse, and your children can surprise everyone and give them the gifts. 

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