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Taking A River Rafting Trip For Vacation Or Team Building

Taking a vacation is supposed to be a time to relax and take some time away from the hectic pace of work and the daily grind. For some people that means sitting on the beach, camping in the woods, or doing something they never tried before. Taking a river rafting trip, while not an idle pursuit, can be very relaxing and at the same time invigorating. Depending on how you see vacation, this might be just the thing you need to get away from everything and put your focus somewhere else.

Finding The Right Trip For You

River rafting is a great getaway but you need to find the right trip for you and what you want to get from it. There are day trips on calm water, then there are trips that involve camping overnight along the shore and several days of rafting white water rapids.and for the very adventurous, there are trips that involved big rapids and hard challenges along the way. Whatever your desired trip is, there is one out there for you. Some of the more advanced trips may require you to have been on smaller trips or trips will some rapids so that you have learned the basics of boat control. If this is your first trip, an entry-level trip with a few medium to hard rapids might be the best way to get your feet wet.

Overnighting On The River

If you are considering a trip that includes an overnight stop on the river, you need to prepare for the possibility that the night will be cold. If you are on the river in shorts and a t-shirt, you will want to pack some warmer clothing in your pack so that you have jeans, sweats, or some other pants for the evening if you need them. A sweatshirt or light jacket is also a good idea but don't get to carried away with how much you bring. You just need a few things to change out of wet clothing and stay warm while you are off the river. Any good guide company will have a list of things to consider so ask them what they suggest for your trip.

Guided or Unguided

If you are experienced on the river, you might want to take a trip with some friends without a guide but if this is your first trip out, a guided trip is the best option. The guide will know the river and keep everyone safe along the way. A good guide will teach you the basics of boat control, how to handle the rapids, and how to spot problem areas or obstacles in the water so you don't rip or tear your boat.

Team Building Trips

A group trip is great fun and can really help to connect friends in a special way. Working together for a single goal can really build a sense of team within a group as well. Even if you are on vacation, a team building trip can involve friends, a sports team, or even a social group of some sort. If you want to learn to work together as a group, river rafting together can really help you learn to communicate and work cohesively.