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Treat You Staff Members To Pampering Sessions At A Spa Retreat

If you own a small advertising firm and you are pleased with the amount of sales that your representatives have made over the last few months and want to treat yourself and staff members to a weekend filled with pampering and time to bond with each another, a visit to a spa retreat can be a rewarding experience. Use the options below to help you orchestrate an event that is relaxing and fun.

Rent A Charter Bus And Provide Itineraries

After making reservations at a spa resort, call a charter bus company to secure a bus and driver. Many charter buses come with amenities such as air conditioning, wireless internet, restroom facilities, and reclining seats. Order a bus that contains features that will help your group remain comfortable while being transported to the spa.

Write or type a brief itinerary that outlines some of the spa services that will be offered, meal plans that are available, and descriptions of the sleeping quarters that have been reserved. Make copies of the itinerary and hand one to each employee as they board the bus. 

Prepare Gift Bags

Purchase decorative bags or standard tote bags and fill them with products and accessories that can be utilized at the spa. Scented creams, oils, face masks, and robes are some items that your employees will appreciate and that can help improve the quality of spa sessions that are received. Write your employees names across gift tags and secure one tag to each bag.

Pack all of the gifts bags in the cargo portion of the bus and surprise your staff members with the gifts upon your arrival to the spa. After everyone exits the bus, speak to the bus driver to confirm the date and time that you will need them to come back and pick you and your employees up. 

Take Your Team Out On The Town

After you and your guests receive treatments at the spa retreat for a day or two, everyone may feel well-rested and be anxious to participate in a lively activity. Ask your employees if they would like to spend a night out on the town. After receiving a ride into a busy part of the town, take your crew shopping and offer to purchase everyone a new outfit or accessories. Once you and your employees are dressed to impress, take your group members to a nightclub, fancy restaurant, or dinner theater. 

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