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Why You Should Choose A Hotel Conference Room Over Using A Meeting Room For Your Next Conference

You have a choice when you are planning your next business meeting or conference. You can hold it in a meeting room in your own facility or at a local hotel conference room. While it might be more cost effective to stay within your own building and not to rent out a space, especially if it's a smaller conference or meeting, there are real reasons you should use a hotel conference room instead of a meeting room within your own facility for your next gathering.

Larger Space

Your building might have a pretty spacious area for meetings among your local employees, the ones who actually work at the home office. What if you want to hold a larger gathering, however, and invite those at satellite offices? Your own meeting room might not be large enough to hold everyone and spilling out into the main workplace is not an option. A hotel conference room usually is a larger space and can hold hundreds of people comfortably.


When you hold a conference within your own meeting room, you will need to provide certain services for them. For example, you will need to bring in food such as lunch or snacks, drinks, plus tables and chairs and meeting areas for those attending. You might not have the resources to make this happen and it does take a lot of planning to pull it off, taking away time you need to run your business. A hotel can take care of those details for you. They provide catering, can create meeting spaces with tables and chairs and even provide audio and video equipment and usually large hotels have computer and business centers or can provide computer equipment to you should you need it.

Place to Stay On-Site

For larger meetings in which employees are coming in from out-of-town, they will need a place to stay for the duration of the meeting. The workers are more likely to attended a voluntary conference when they don't have to book a hotel room on their own and you help to provide rooms to your guests for your meeting or conference. The rooms are usually offered at a discount to those renting conference rooms at hotels as well, so the cost won't be as much as you might originally think. Also, for conference members, they often get other perks like free room service or access to VIP areas in some hotels.