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How To Ensure Your Wedding Reception Doesn't Bother Other Hotel Guests

Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate you and your new spouse's steps into married life. It should be fun and loving -- not peppered with baleful looks from other hotel guests who want to get some sleep.

Of course you're not going to purposefully try to affect those other guests' stays at the hotel at which you're holding the party. But sometimes even the best intentions result in mistakes that encroach on others in the area. Here's how to arrange your reception so that everyone has a nice time, whether it's at your reception or in a room in front of the TV.

Scout the Location -- All of It

When you check out the hotel ballroom and reception areas, also look at how close they are to the rest of the rooms and suites. You may want to ask about reserving some of the closest rooms for guests coming in from out of town. If you do that, you won't have non-wedding guests trying to sleep while the party is going on next door, and the rooms will likely be empty during the reception itself because your guests will be in the ballroom.

Also take a look at parking. If you're planning a reception for a couple hundred people, and the parking lot appears to hold spaces for only a fraction of that, ask the hotel how they normally accommodate the cars that arrive for large parties along with the cars of other guests. There may be a rental lot nearby that your guests will use that the hotel will arrange for once you make your reservations. Choose a hotel that offers adequate solutions -- you don't need people arguing over parking spaces.

Watch the Bass and Amplification

Chances are any noise complaints about the reception will not come from the general chatter among guests -- it will be from the band or DJ, as well as from any amplified speeches in front of the guests. Ask the music makers, be they live musicians or DJs, to keep the volume at a level where guests at the reception can still talk to each other without yelling. Also test out the mic for speeches and turn down the amplifier so that voices don't boom across the complex.

Most of all, watch the bass frequencies. Those are most likely to travel outside the room. Do not use settings that boost the bass on music. That should help keep most of the noise from leaking outside and bothering other people at the hotel, especially if the reception continues into the late evening.

Give Your Guests a Friendly Reminder

It wouldn't hurt to let your guests know that you haven't reserved the entire hotel, so there will be people staying there who aren't part of the wedding -- and they may have different schedules (even on a weekend, you may have people staying there who are attending funerals or other serious events and have to rest; give them a break). Ask your guests to be thoughtful of these other hotel residents when your guests walk outside or through the hotel hallways.

Hotel guests are usually pretty accommodating of wedding receptions; they know it's a joyous occasion. Both sides need to should still be respectful of the each other, so keep that in mind when planning the reception and all its features. Contact a venue, like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre, for more help.