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Three Helpful Ways To Carry Gear On A Long Cycling Tour

When you're planning a long cycling tour, one of the biggest challenges that you'll face is figuring out how to carry all of the gear that you'll need. Changes of clothing, food, camping equipment, and a variety of other things all need to be able to travel with you, and it's not necessarily practical to load up an enormous backpack and wear it. Fortunately, there are several accessories that you can use to carry a surprisingly large amount of gear on your bicycle. Here are three things that you'll definitely want to buy before your trip:

Luggage Rack

A cycling luggage rack mounts to the frame of the bike and extends horizontally over your rear tire. Although it's relatively narrow, it can be highly valuable for carrying a wide range of items, provided that they're contained in a pack or something else that has solid sides. Whatever you choose to stow on the luggage rack needs to be secured with bungee cords, which is something that is easy to do and will still allow you to access these items relatively quickly. In some cases, you can even reach back and grab what you need without stopping.


Front and rear saddlebags are another must-have items for a long cycling tour. These bags mount above the front and rear wheels of your bicycle and hang down on each side of the wheels. Saddlebags are available in a wide range of styles, and while they're thin enough that they won't significantly compromise your ability to be aerodynamic while you pedal, they're highly valuable because of their storage volume. Saddlebags are suitable for carrying folded clothing, a first-aid kit, food, toiletries, personal care items, and a nearly endless list of things that you'll definitely want to have with you on your cycling tour.


Those who think of bicycle trailers often picture a trailer designed to carry a small child behind your bicycle. However, this isn't the only type of trailer that you can buy. Many cyclists who frequently take trips invest in trailers that are designed to carry gear. The design is slightly different, but the trailer is still a device with two wheels that includes a base and enclosed walls made of canvas or a similar material to allow you to pack the trailer full of the items that you'll need. As this accessory is your largest for storage, it's ideal for the bigger things that you'll be carrying, such as a tent.

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